Get into the Swing of It

 Welcome to the Pan American Golf Association of Fort Worth.  Fort Worth PAGA is a social organization created for the purpose of promoting and playing golf, enjoying family social events and having friendly relationships with local and civic organizations as well as other PAGA chapters.

Fort Worth PAGA was started in September of 1951, when an avid golfer sold an idea to two brothers of forming a golf association.  This golf triumvirate soon created enough interest among their friends to form an original quorum of fourteen members.  In 1956, the name was officially changed to the Fort Worth Pan American Golf Association.  The Fort Worth PAGA’s plan is to partake in the camaraderie of friends, hear the clicking sound of a well-hit ball, or join in the friendly jostling after a round of golf.  All this spells “PAGA” collectively playing the game and enjoying common fellowship in the great game of life.

Our Goals and History