While awarding scholarships are a main focus of the PAGA, having awarded over$20,000 in the last five years, community involvement is also paramount.

In 2019, members of PAGA participated in the Fort Worth Can Academy fundraiser, Toys for Tots Drive (Hosted by PAGA Irving, PAGA Dallas and PAGA Fort Worth) and other events to better our community.

Welcome to the Club!


Our logo:

Founding fathers Al Rodriguez, Amador Gutierrez, and Gilbert Gutierrez organize a golf club that in 1956 officially becomes the Pan American Golf Association of Fort Worth.


A long life of friendships have developed since the beginning of this great organization. Friendships that were born on the golf course or in a meeting room. Enduring friendships that work side by side in keeping the best interest of the PAGA.

We have plenty of golf. If you want competition, then we have it. Men, Women, Seniors and Juniors are welcomed to participate. If you want to travel to other cities and compete in an Invitational Tournament, then we have it. Host PAGA cities with Invitational Tournaments are; Dallas, Irving, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and others. Let's face it: People are busy with family, careers, friends, and interests. You decide your involvement!

Pan American Golf Association of Fort Worth

Plenty of Golf:

Play and compete as many times as you want in our  regularly scheduled tournaments, usually on Sundays.

Your tee times are guaranteed and a schedule is provided. Members also have an opportunity to play and compete in National events. The National Tournament is scheduled for July 29-30, 2021 in Brownsville , Texas.